1) How to start building a website with WordPress (Requirements)
2) How to install WordPress
3) Setting up WordPress
4) Themes
5) Plugins
6) Widgets
7) How to use WordPress
8) Some general tips

What is a Widget and how can I decide which widget I want to show up and where?

Chapter 1: What are widgets?
Chapter 2: How do I manage them?

Chapter 1: What are widgets?

Widgets are kind of small applications doing easy stuff like: display Categories, Recent posts, Archives, and much more.

Chapter 2: How do I manage them?

Login to your dashboard, go to Appearance and choose Widgets.

Widgets - 1

Here you can define what you would like to show up on your Blog's sidebar. It all works by drag&drop. Take the widget you want to have displaying and drop it into the Sidebar displaying on the right side of the window. You can also change the order they are displaying by simply dragging a widget upwards or downwards.
Select a widget in sidebar for the settings of the widget.

The "Text" widget allows you to write everything you want on your sidebar and post any HTML code you want. It is really useful!

Finally we can start using WordPress to actually build the website and fill it with content.
Proceed to: Step 7 - How to use WordPress.

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