1) How to start building a website with WordPress (Requirements)
2) How to install WordPress
3) Setting up WordPress
4) Themes
5) Plugins
6) Widgets
7) How to use WordPress
8) Some general tips

I would like to change the look of my blog. How can I do that?

Would you like to change your blog's design? Nothing easier than that. Simply change its theme.

To change the theme go to your administration panel and hit Appearance, Themes

Themes - 1

Now you can choose one of the already available Themes and hit "Activate". Otherwise go to "Add new themes". There you will find a search engine for themes. Enter a keyword or select features to search for themes. Once you found what you were looking for hit Install.

Themes - 2

You will see a little window appearing sorrounded by gray. Scroll down and hit "Install Now".

Themes - 3

The installation process will start and terminate

Themes - 4

Once the installation is done successfully you can choose to Activate the theme. Otherwise you can continue searching for other themes or whatever.

Since not all styles are on the WordPress internal search engine also search Google for WordPress themes. If you find one download it and upload the folder of the theme into your blog's "wp-content", "themes" folder on your server. To activate it go to Appearance, Themes on your admin area.

In the next step we have a look at Plugins.
Proceed to: Step 5 - Plugins.

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