Multilingual sites

I would like to have a website in multiple languages. How can I do that?

First let me say...

Please don’t use internet translating tools to translate the whole content of a website. They aren’t accurate! I myself speak italian, german, english and french (in order from best to less good). Browsing through the internet I sometimes read awfully translated stuff which makes no sense at all and comes straight from translation tools. So please translate it yourself or ask someone to translate it for you.

To me the best way to have a multilingual website is...

The best way to have a website in multiple languages to me is to have a site for each of them separately.

As an example my website has
- for English
- for Italian
- for German (Deutsch)

each language has its own WordPress blog and they are linked to each other through links in the sidebar.

How to achieve that...

Here’s how you achieve this:

Simply install a WordPress blog for each of the languages by following the installation guide.

All you need to think about in addition to the normal installation process is to upload a WordPress blog folder for each language and name the folders with the language’s abbreviation or whatever you want.
Also you need to enter a different table prefix for each blog. I usually use the languages short forms same as for the names of the folders.

This FAQ is also discussed in my E-Book (sample)

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