I have an iPhone. How can I edit my Blog from the iPhone?

WordPress and the iPhone. Two excellent things work excellently together.

Of course there is a WordPress app for the iPhone which you get by clicking here.

Before you can get started using the app you need to login to your WP administration area. Go to Settings and Writing. Once you’re there you need to check the Remote Publishing XML-RPC box.

iPhone - 1

Now open the WordPress app on your iPhone, hit “Add another blog...” and you will see the following screen:

iPhone - 2

Enter the URL at which you can reach your blog, your username, your password and hit Save on the top right corner.

Your blog will now show up on the main screen of the app. Hit the name of the blog and you will see three folders.

If you want to edit or add a post choose Posts, select the post you want to edit or hit the pen in the bottom right corner to add a new one.

Same for the Pages and Comments.

With the WordPress app you can do whatever you want. Write and edit posts and pages, add images you captured with your iPhone. Everything on-the-go. No need for a computer and internet anymore.

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