How can I provide a form in WordPress that visitors can complete and return via e-mail?

Chapter 1: Plugins
Chapter 2: Third party services

Chapter 1: Plugins

Have a look at these plugins for creating a form.

I personally would recommend you to use Contact Form 7 which I found to be really good. How to use the Contact Form 7 plugin is described in my E-Book (sample)

Chapter 2: Third party services

For this Chapter you will need the Raw HTML plugin.
Visit the Plugins FAQ for more informations.

There are some third party services allowing you to create your own form. ( Wufoo Form Gallery )

I personally used Wufoo to create some forms and I really like it.

All these services will provide you a code to copy&paste into your WordPress post using the above mentioned plugin.

This FAQ is also discussed in my E-Book (sample)

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