Floating menu (or float anything else)

How can I add a floating menu in WordPress? What is that good for? How can I have some text floating? Links? An image?

Scroll down the page and see how the menu on your right hand side sticks in place as everything else moves (except the WPFAQ.org logo on the right which is a link to go to the Home of this website and the black toolbar at the bottom of the window which are also part of the example here hence stick in place).

What you achieve with floating is that something sticks in place in a certain position while the rest of the page scrolls.

In the example on this page it is mainly used to have a menu floating.

However you can also use it to have some text floating or an image with your business’ logo or whatever you want.

This is good especially when you have long pages and don’t want your visitors to have to scroll all the way back to find a menu to switch page.

How this is done is described in my WPFAQ.org E-Book (sample)

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This FAQ is also discussed in my WPFAQ.org E-Book (sample)

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