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I would like to add a .pdf (or any other file or folder) for visitors to download if they would like. How can I do this?

Depending on the content and other things you may consider taking a screen shot of the file and embed the pictures to your website. If that’s not a solution then go on reading...

Chapter 1: In general
Chapter 2: Another way to add Microsoft Office files to your website
Chapter 3: Another way to PDF files to your website

Chapter 1: In general

Whether you want to add a Microsoft Word (.doc), PowerPoint (.ppt or .pps), Excel (.xls) or a folder the procedure is always the same. You have to make a zip of it and then link to it from within WordPress.

The story is a bit different for .pdf files. A lot of people have a plugin in their browser which enables them to read pdf files directly in the browser without downloading them. However not all people have it. So if you want the download to start when people click on a text link or an image link then you will have to make a zip file. If you don’t zip it it will open in the browser or download (depending on whether they have the plugin or not).

1. Put the file or folder you want to make a zip of on your Desktop
2. Select that file or folder and make a zip out of it (If you’re on an Apple machine in the Finder bar go to File and then select "Create Archive)
3. On your desktop a new file will appear named
4. Make a new folder and call it Downloads or Media or something
5. Put your .zip file into this folder
6. Take the Downloads or Media folder and upload the folder to the root destination of your server using your FTP (same as you always do with your pages)
7. Go to WordPress and make a link to it. The URL will be...



yoururl is your domain
/Downloads/ is the name of the folder we created in point 4 in which you put the downloadable files is the name of the downloadable file

8. When people click on the link the download will start automatically.

Note for PDF files: You could also link directly to the pdf file without zipping it. Then the .pdf would open in the browser and not start downloading. People could then right-click on the link and then "Download linked file as". So you have to choose whether you want the download starting automatically or not.

Chapter 2: Another way to add Microsoft Office files to your website

You may want to have a look at Google Docs.
And iPaper.

Chapter 3: Another way to PDF files to your website

For PDF files there’s a fantastic way of integrating them into your website without needing the people to have the above mentioned plugin in their Browsers.

and issuu which is the one I like the most.

Here an example using issuu and an iFrame:

This FAQ is also discussed in my E-Book (sample)

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