Many websites have little images before the http, like apple has the apple logo. How do you put one of these icons into your own website?

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Those little icons are called favicons. Usually a .ico or .png image with a size of 16x16px or 32x32px.

How do I add a favicon to my WordPress website?

Usually it is enough to put the favicon.ico or favicon.png file into the root of your server (What is the root of a server/website?) using your FTP application for it to show up. That is without needing any code to be added to your HTML files. Entering http://yourdomain.com/favicon.ico or http://yourdomain.com/favicon.png in your browser should display the favicon in your browser if you uploaded it to the right location. Empty your browser’s cache and reload your website. If your favicon doesn’t display yet you need to add the favicon-code to your website’s pages as described further on...

How do I add the favicon code to my website?

Once you have your favicon.ico or favicon.png file uploaded to the root go to your admin area, Appearance, Editor select Header (header.php) and search for the closing </head> tag. Once you’ve found it paste the following code

<link rel="SHORTCUT ICON" href="/favicon.png">

right before the closing head tag and hit Update File.

Empty your browser’s cache and reload your website.

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