Adding a Guestbook

How can I add a Guestbook to my WordPress created site?

Chapter 1: Using a third-party service
Chapter 2: Using only WordPress

Chapter 1: Using a third-party service

Searching on google you will find a lot of Guestbook services.

Choose a service you like and embed the Guestbook into WordPress using an iFrame.

Simply paste this snippet of HTML code into your post:

<iframe src="guestbook url"
style="width:615px; height:800px;
scrolling="yes" >

And change the parameters in red.
- Guestbook url: will be provided by the guestbook service you choose
- Changing the other two parameters you change width and height of the iframe displaying your guestbook.

A good and free Guestbook service provider is: UltraGuest

Once you signed up to UltraGuest go to Account=>Link Code and you will find a code like this:

<!-- UltraGuest HTML Code Start -->
[ <a href="">View Guestbook</a> ]
[ <a href="">Sign Guestbook</a> ]
<br><a href=""><font size="1">Free Guestbook by</font></a>
<!-- UltraGuest HTML Code End -->

(In the code you will find numbers instead of the dots)

The URL you need to put into the iFrame is the View Guestbook one, hence:

Chapter 2: Using only WordPress

You could add a new page to your WordPress site and allow comments on it. That's your guestbook.

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